Covid-19 Insight Report: 1 March-17 April 2020

What we're hearing from you during the outbreak.
Covid 19 Insight Report front cover

Health and social care services have had to make big changes to the support they offer in order to respond to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Non-urgent treatment has been postponed, face-to-face appointments reduced and services are limiting public access. 

And while our opportunity to directly engage with Wiltshire residents has also been affected, it is important we gain an insight into how the outbreak is affecting people. As well as continuing to collect your feedback by phone, email, and online, we've asked our local voluntary and community groups to help be our eyes and ears to people's experiences at this time. 

Our Covid-19 Insight Report details what we're hearing from you and provides a snapshot of what work is being done by services in response to the pandemic. 

These reports will be produced every fortnight and will be shared with the local NHS, council and service providers, so they can hear where things are working well and identify any gaps. 

At a glance

We have:

  • Created dedicated coronavirus information and advice pages on our website.
  • Asked local voluntary and community groups, including local Covid-19 response groups, to help be our eyes and ears to hear people’s experiences of health and care services at this time.
  • Received comments about pharmacies, hospital care and dementia and how services are adapting during this time.
  • Shared and raised issues specifically around the collection of prescriptions.
  • Heard how video appointments are working well for people.


If you would like this report in a different format, email or call 01225 434218.

1 March-17 April 2020

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