What is Enter and View?

Healthwatch Wiltshire has a statutory right to carry out Enter and View visits in health and social care premises to observe the nature and quality of services, as set out in the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007.

Enter and View visits could be to NHS organisations, GPs, dentists, opticians and community pharmacists. Visits are not inspections but aim to offer a layperson's perspective.

Each visit is carried out by a team of Authorised Representatives to:

  • See and hear how services are provided.
  • Collect the views of service users (patients and residents), their carers and families.
  • Collect the views of staff.
  • Observe the nature and quality of services.
  • Produce a report based on their findings.

The report is then shared with service providers, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Local Authority and NHS commissioners and quality assurers, Healthwatch England and any other relevant partners, and the public. 


Healthwatch Wiltshire Enter and Views are not intended to specifically identify safeguarding issues. However, if safeguarding concerns arise during a visit they are reported in accordance with Healthwatch Wiltshire safeguarding policies. If at any time an authorised representative observes anything that they feel uncomfortable about they need to inform their lead who will inform the service manager, ending the visit.

In addition, if any member of staff wishes to raise a safeguarding issue about their employer they will be directed to the Care Quality Commission where they are protected by legislation if they raise a concern.

Patient-led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE)

All our Authorised Representatives are also able to take part in PLACE assessments, which look at the care environment of services such as hospitals and day care centres.

The assessments focus on areas including:

  • privacy and dignity
  • food
  • cleanliness
  • general building maintenance
  • how well the needs of patients with dementia are met
  • how well the needs of patients with a disability are met. 

These assessments take place every year, and results are published to help drive improvements. 

Authorised Representatives for Healthwatch Wiltshire

All those listed below have successfully completed Enter and View training and have undergone DBS checks.

Anne Keat, Bina Mistry, Chas Lillystone​​​​​​, Dan Mace, Deborah Judge, Elizabeth Price, Gemma Doyle, Hazel Dunnett, Jeni Boddy, Jo Woodsford, Joanna Wittels, Joy Capel​​​, Julie Brown, June Barnes, Linda Webb, Lynda Fleming, Marilyn Stowe, Mary Winterburn, Meg Newbery, Michael Darlow, Mick Stowe, Nell Light, Pauline Medhurst, Peter Buttle, Rob Jefferson, Sarah Davies, Stacey Sims.

More information

Written reports are produced for all our Enter and View visits, which are available to read and download from our News and Reports section.  

If you're interested in volunteering for us or would like more information, please get in touch. 

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