Keeping care home residents connected and engaged during Covid-19

Highlighting good practice in care homes during the coronavirus pandemic.
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During the Covid-19 pandemic care homes have faced considerable challenges and there has understandably been a high focus on preventing the spread of the virus.

But there is also recognition that the wider wellbeing of residents is important too.

As part of our engagement with local people during the pandemic, we were told of the commitment of care home staff to caring for their residents and the strong relationships they have formed with them, and we received feedback about some of the innovative ways that care homes were keeping their residents in touch.

This report describes the initiatives care homes have put in place to help keep residents in touch with family and friends, get them involved in activities, and stay connected with the wider community. 

The examples of good practice identified have been gathered from in-depth interviews relating to three different care homes and comments about a further five homes.



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