Covid-19 Insight Report 1-28 June 2020

What we're hearing from you during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Covid Report 1-28 June front cover

Our Covid-19 Insight Report details what we're hearing from you and provides a snapshot of what work is being done by services in response to the pandemic. 

These reports will be produced every fortnight and will be shared with the local NHS, council and service providers, so they can hear where things are working well and identify any gaps. 

At a glance

We have...

  • Continued to update our Advice and Information pages, adding new information about changes to shielding and visiting the dentist
  • Heard about people’s experience of accessing GP services and treatment
  • Found that people’s mental health and wellbeing continues to be affected
  • Heard about people’s experiences getting prescriptions and medication
  • Seen that local voluntary groups and organisations are providing a range of services that people have found useful
  • Identified that many people continue to be involved in volunteering.


If you would like this report in a different format, email or call 01225 434218.

1-28 June 2020

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