Volunteer students like Shelly Russell are being celebrated this week as part of National Student Volunteering Week (19-23 February).

Shelly, from Corsham, is a keen illustrator and has an interest in design. She has been volunteering one day a week at Healthwatch Wiltshire’s Melksham office.  She said: “I’m grateful to be getting work experience in a friendly place that allows me to do creative work which I enjoy and makes my time worthwhile.

“Volunteering here gives me great opportunity to get used to being in an office and learn new creative skills in photoshop and adobe illustrator.  I’m glad to have a chance to work on doing what I love and it’s good work experience for me and helps prepare me for finding work in the future.”

What do you do as a volunteer with Healthwatch Wiltshire?

“I am a media and marketing project volunteer and I help design and create banners for social media and I also designed their Christmas card. I am currently studying Art and Design at college and the things that I do and learn while volunteering will help me with my college work.”

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

“I like coming in to the office and seeing all the staff as they are really friendly. I enjoy the design work and editing.”

What would you say to others thinking about volunteering with Healthwatch Wiltshire?

“Having lots of different ways that people can get involved in volunteering is really good. Even though I’m based in the office and don’t go out and engage with the public, I feel like I’m contributing and helping other people know more about Healthwatch.”

If you could have dinner with one hero of yours, who would it be and why?

“I’d love to have dinner with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos because I’m really interested in his search for aliens and if there’s any other life forms out there. It’s a mind blowing subject and it would be fascinating to talk to him about it.”

Find out more about volunteering opportunities with Healthwatch Wiltshire

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