'Through volunteering I've been able to get involved in projects I'm passionate about'

Meet our Young Healthwatch Wiltshire volunteer Robyn and find out why she joined our team.
'I joined Healthwatch Wiltshire because I'm passionate about mental health'

I’m Robyn and I have been volunteering with Healthwatch Wiltshire since August 2020.

Through volunteering I have been able to get involved with projects that I’m really interested in and passionate about, such as a survey investigating support for LGBTQ+ young people, and training for peer support groups.

Working with Healthwatch has meant that I could be involved in all stages of projects, from the original ideas, research, talking to young people, producing resources and reports and presenting our findings.

It has improved my knowledge and skills in all of these areas, and it has been great to talk to and work with other organisations where I feel people were really listening and interested in what we had to say. 

The experience I have gained with Healthwatch has been extremely helpful in applying for jobs and other opportunities. In particular, with applying for and working towards my Masters in Counselling, especially by providing a really valuable reference. There have been opportunities for further training, such as mental health first aid and safeguarding, which has been great for my own knowledge and CV.

Volunteering with Healthwatch is really flexible, accessible and easy to fit around other commitments, particularly because you can do so much online and at home. It’s been great to work with and get to know so many lovely people who share the same interests and passions, I’d really recommend getting involved! 

Volunteering with Healthwatch is really flexible, accessible and easy to fit around other commitments.
— Robyn, Young Healthwatch Wiltshire volunteer


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Video transcript - Robyn

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