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Quality Checkers now in Wiltshire!

A team of people with learning difficulties turned detective in 2015 to take part in a new project to check the quality of residential care homes providing support for other people with learning difficulties.

For the team of Quality Checkers who took part it meant an opportunity for training, learn new life skills, and to take part in a project which is designed to improve services.

For the two organisations involved, Healthwatch Wiltshire and Wiltshire People 1st, it meant an increase in the awareness and understanding of what it’s like for people with learning difficulties living in a Wiltshire care home and to test an inclusive approach to engagement and volunteering.

The team of Wiltshire People 1st Quality Checkers visited 11 care homes and spoke to residents, empowering them to speak out about their experiences.  On the whole they were impressed with what they saw and heard and produced informative reports which included recommendations for improvements after each visit.

Wiltshire now has a team of trained Quality Checkers available who could be called upon to check the quality of other services.  Healthwatch Wiltshire is encouraging services to make use of this valuable resource.

A report which sums up the pilot project and the 11 individual visit reports are available on the Healthwatch Wiltshire website. An easy read summary and a description of the project is also available from Wiltshire People 1st.  They are available in hard copy on request.

Healthwatch Wiltshire was approached by people with learning difficulties who wanted to volunteer with us.  We were delighted to work with Wiltshire People First to test out a new approach which meant we could include people with learning difficulties in our important work. When we are assessing the quality of services we always ask the people who are actually using the service about their experience.  This project enabled us to do this.

One of the Quality Checkers said “I liked being part of this project, having the training to become a Quality Checker and doing a visit, it’s really helped me get new skills and understand things better…. it’s also been good to see what life is like for people living in homes too”.

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Email: info@healthwatchwiltshire.co.uk

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Quality Checker Reports

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